For the 2017 Session:

Our highest appreciation and thanks to the Amministrazione Comunale for granting us their patrocinio. What a great honor! Thank you Francesco Landi.

From all of us who participated in the workshop: Our most gracious thank you to the people of Sarteano for opening up their Municipality to the workshop and making us feel so welcome.

Sergio Bologni thank you for the generous use of the Società Filarmonica di Sarteano space for the workshop

Alberto Terrosi: We are so grateful to you for your kindness and true musicians support, and also for accompanying us on the flute in our final concert. Grand thanks to your wonderful family, Simonetta and Elisa, for helping host so many gatherings.

Don Fabrizio, we thank you for allowing us to perform in Chiesa San Francesco.

Alessandro Morgantini, for his generosity and help.

Leonardo Mattioli, for his wonderful news article, about the birth of our workshop, in Sarteano.

Simone Mancini: we are indebted to you for your many years of support and collaboration. We also thank Michela Agostini!!

Special thanks for their help go to Sheila Leavitt and Pina Chierchini.

For their ongoing guidance and friendship: Nadia Straccali and Felice Passaretti of the Albergo Roberta.

For the gracious use of their photography: to Dario Pichini, tabaccheria Grifoni and famiglia Bologni.

For their constant help: Anna Roncacci, Pina Ruiu, Martina Frantangioli and Andrea Baglioni from Clanis Service, Dario Pichini, Susan Braggiotti, and Guido Norrito and all of the wonderful people at Pro Loco.

For graciously hosting our participants and tutors: Residenza Santa Chiara, La Torre ai Mari, Albergo, Albergo Roberta, Le Rondini, Palazzo Fanelli and Podere S. Guglielmo.

And especially to Mario Marrocchi, without whom this workshop would never have been possible. His time and efforts on our behalf have been extraordinary! We are delighted and honored to call him our friend.