Repertoire for 2019 will be Posted in February 2019

The Repertoire Below is from 2018

Music that is not public domain will be mailed to the address on your application. The rest of the repertoire will be emailed to you with live links so that you may print it and bring it with you to Sarteano. 


Full Conducting pieces for afternoon master class with Simon: 

Edward Bairstow (1874-1946)                    Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992)                    O Sacrum Convivium                    

Don Macdonald (b.1966)                            Pacem                                   

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)                    O Heiland reiß die Himmel auf, Op. 74, #2  

Cyrillus Kreek (1889-1962)                         Psalm 104, Kiida mu hing Issandat                                       

Jean l’Héritier (1480-1551)                          Surrexit pastor bonus

Rudi Tas (b.1957)                                         Ave Maria

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (1839-1901)     Gloria (Mass in E-flat Major, Opus 109)

Giovanni Gabrielli (1555-1612)                  Angelus Domini                             

Alexander Agricola (1446-1506)                 Regina coeli laetare                                      

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)                  Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)                     Hvad est du dog skjön (Fire Salmer, Op. 74, # 1)


Conducting Auditors should be prepared to conduct all three pieces in the morning session:

 Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)         O magnum mysterium

 Peter Philips (1565-1635)                          Tibi laus, tibi gloria                                

 Andrej Makor (b.1987)                              O lux beata Trinitas 





Margot, labourez les vignes                               Jacob Arcadelt (1507 - 1568)


Il bianco e dolce cigno                                       Jacob Archadelt (1507 - 1568)


Ach, weh des Leiden                                         Hans Leo Hassler (1569 - 1602)


Too much I once lamented                     Thomas Tompkins (1572 - 1656)


A shepherd in a shade                                       John Dowland (1563 - 1626)


Marfira, por vos muero                                      Anon, Spanish (16th century)


Ah! dolente partira                                             Claudio Monteverdi (1567 - 1643)

                                                                          Conductor: Justine Rapaccioli


Hard by a crystal fountain                                  Thomas Morley (1557 - 1602)


Dieu! qu’il la fait bon regarder                           Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)


Lay a Garland                                                    Robert Pearsall (1795 - 1856)


Zvanguciai                                                         Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907 - 1995)


Trois beaux oiseaux du Paradis                        Maurice Ravel (1875 - 1937)


Les tisserands                                                   Frances Poulenc (1899 - 1963)


Las seis cuerdas                                               Matthew Harris (b. 1956)


O nata lux                                                          Morten Lauridsen (b. 1943)


A la claire fontaine                                             Stephen Smith, arr. (b. 1966)


                     (All pieces conducted by Brian O’Connell unless otherwise noted.)





Ancor che col partire                                                                 Cipriano de Rore (1516 - 1565)

                                                             Conductor: Joan Yakkey (Italy)


Lasciate me morire                                                                   Claudio Monteverdi (1567 - 1643)

                                                             Conductor: Stephen Rushing (USA)


Mia benigna fortuna                                                                 Cipriano de Rore (1516 - 1565)

                                                             Conductor: Catherine Nash (UK)


Jaquin Jaquet                                                                 Clemens non Papa (1515 - 1556)

                                                             Conductor: Michael Oriatti (USA)


Cucu Cucu                                                                       Juan Del Encina (1468 - 1529)

                                                             Conductor: Suzanne Purtee (USA)


Gintarelis                                                              Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907 - 2005 )

                                                             Conductor: Michael Oriatti (USA)


La Rose Complete                                                                   Morten Lauridsen (b. 1943)

                                                             Conductor: Deborah Dennard (USA)


La belle se sied au pied de la tour                                                                   Francis Poulenc (1899 - 1963)

                                                             Conductor: Suzanne Purtee (USA)


Elegie                                                                    Darius Milhaud (1892 - 1974)

                                                                     Conductor: Lois Kuyper (USA)


Nochevála túchka zŏlŏtáya                                                                      Peter Tchaikovsky (1840 - 1893)

                                                             Conductor: Sandra LaBarge-Neumann                                                                               (USA)


Abendlied                                                                       Josef Rheinberger (1839 - 1901)

                                                Conductor:Caroline Green-van Rekum                                                                      (USA)


Reluctance                                                                 Stephen Prosser (b. 1952)

                                                             Conductor: Steven Szalaj (USA)


Three Prayers                                                                        Ned Rorem (b. 1923)

                                                             Conductor: Benjamin Cohen (USA)


Kasar mie la gaji                                                                         Alberto Grau (b. 1937)

                                                                     Conductor: Efrain Esperilla (Mexico)




Jaquin Jaquet                                      Jacobus Clemens non Papa (1510-1556)

                                                             Conductor: Alon Weber (Israel)


Lasciatemi morire                                                                    Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

                                                             Conductor: Nelly LiPuma (Austria)


Esi Dangau                                                               Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907- 1995)

                                                             Conductor: Amelia LeClair (USA)


Berzas                                                               Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907- 1995)

                                                                           Conductor: Jennifer Moss (USA)


Ergebung                                                           Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)

                                                                          Conductor: Paul Meers (Lebanon)


La Belle se sied au pied de la tour                     Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)

                                                                          Conductor: Jeff Jordan (USA)


Azk Parabands                                                  Arno Babadjanian (1921-1983)

                                                                          Conductor: Juliá Sesé Lara (Spain)


Blow, blow thou winter wind                               Matthew Harris (b.1956)

                                                                          Conductor: Elena Pierini (Germany)


When daffodils begin to peer                             Matthew Harris (b.1956)

                                                                          Conductor: Jason Thoms (USA)


Verano Porteño                                                 Ástor Piazolla (1921-1992)

                                                                          Conductor: Scott Farrell (USA)




Ah! dolente partita                                                                   Claudio Monteverdi (1567 - 1643)

                                                             Conductor: Lori Wagner (USA)


A shepherd in a shade                                                                       John Dowland (1563 - 1626)

                                                             Conductor: Thomas Kehoe (USA)


Gaude Maria Virgo                                                                    Tomàs Luis de Victoria (1548 - 1611)

                                                             Conductor: Ridolf Hehanussa                                                              (Indonesia)


Nachtwache #1                                                               Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)

                                                             Conductor: Clell Wright (USA)


Trois beaux oiseaux du Paradis                                                                  Maurice Ravel (1875 - 1937)

                                                             Conductor: Stephen Rushing (USA)


Oimè Il Bel Viso (from: Miracolo D'amore)                                                                  Richard Peaslee (b. 1930)

                                                             Conductor: Giovanni Petterlini (Italy)


Donna Spietata (from: Miracolo D'amore)                                                                  Richard Peaslee (b. 1930)

                                                             Conductor: Mark Reid (USA)


Las Seis Cuerdas                                                                 Matthew Harris (b. 1956)

                                                             Conductor: Lynn Staininger (USA)


À la claire fontaine                                                                 Stephen Smith (b. 1966)

                                                             Conductor: Terrence Edwards (USA)


Daemon Irrepit Callidus                                                                    György Orbàn (b. 1947)

                                                             Conductor: Stephanie Handal (USA)




Thule, the period of cosmography                                                                  Thomas Weelkes (1567 - 1643)

                                                             Conductor: Alan Wellman (USA)


Ecco mormorar l’onde                                                                   Claudio Monteverdi (1567 - 1643)

                                                             Conductor: Alyson Greer (USA)


Mia benigna fortuna                                                                 Cipriano de Rore (1516 - 1565)

                                                             Conductor: Catherine Nash (Australia)


Versa est in luctum                                                                    Alonso Lobo (1555 - 1617)

                                                             Conductor: Kirk Aamot (USA)


Virga Jesse floruit                                                                     Anton Bruckner (1824 – 1896)

                                                             Conductor: Glenda Crawford (Canada)


Salve Regina                                                                      David Childs (b.1969)

                                                             Conductor: Bryan Zaros (USA)


Dona nobis pacem                                                                   Joseph Gregorio (b. 1979)

                                                             Conductor: Jeremy Mims (USA)


Preguntale a ese mar                                                                 Inocente Carreño (b. 1919)

                                                             Conductor: Casey Cook (USA)


That time of year                                                                 Stephen Prosser (b. 1952)

                                                             Conductor: Nicolas Fink (Switzerland)


All seas, all ships                                                                         Ron Jeffers (b. 1943)

                                                             Conductor: Matthew Brady (USA)


Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child                                                                         arr. Edwin T. Childs (b. 1945)

                                                             Conductor: Willow Manspeaker (USA)

                                                                    Flauto: Alberto Terrosi (Italy)


William Tell Overture                                                               Gioachino Rossini (1792 - 1868)

                                                             Conductor: Simon Carrington (Francia)


 Come away, sweet love                                                                  Thomas Greaves (1570 - 1604)

                                                             Conductor: Ben Barnes (Ireland)


Io mi son giovinetta                                                               Domenico Ferrabosco (1513 - 1574)

                                                             Conductor: Craig Estep (USA)


Crucifixus                                                                   Antonio Lotti (1667 - 1740)

                                                             Conductor: Susan Kim (USA)


Der Traum                                                                      Peter Cornelius (1824 - 1874)

                                                             Conductor: Alexander Naji (Japan)


Quant j'ai ouy le tabourin                                                                   Claude Debussy (1862 -1918)

                                                             Conductor: Seth Houston (USA)


Ave Maris Stella                                                                     Javier Busto (b. 1949)

                                                             Conductor: Françoise Tournier (France)


Veniki                                                            Russian Folk Song, arr. Rubtsov (b. 1904)

                                                             Conductor: Po Kwan Law (USA)



Seero Yerkir                                                                     Arthur Aharonian (b. 1962)

                                                             Conductor: Carolyn Cruse (USA)


A Basque Lullaby                                                                        Dan Forrest (b. 1978)

                                                             Conductor: Katie Gardner (USA)


Jenny Kiss'd Me                                                                          Eric Barnum (b. 1979)

                                                             Conductor: Richard Cook (USA)


Swing Low, Sweet Chariot                             Spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan (1957 - 2003)

                                                                      Conductor: Donna Stokes-Rogers (USA) 

                                                                    Flauto: Alberto Terrosi (Italy)


Im Herbst                                                               Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)

                                                             Conductor: Simon Carrington


O Tai Buvo                                                          Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907 - 2005)

                                                                             Conductor: Christian Jeub (Germany)





Ego flos campi                                        Jacobus Clemens non Papa (1510-1556)                                            Conductor: Christopher Clark  (USA)


Si, ch'io vorrei morire                                    Claudio Monteverdi  (1567-1643)                                                                                                 Conductor: Amarilis Pagán-Vila (Puerto Rico)                                                                 

Piango che amor                                                    Luca Marenzio  (1553-1599)

                                                                                Conductor: Janelle Ganske  (USA)


Jagdlied                                                                  Felix Mendelssohn  (1809-1847)

                                                                                  Conductor: Michael Connor  (USA)


Calme des nuits                                                     Camille Saint-Saëns  (1835-1921)

                                                                                   Conductor: Megan Marshall  (USA)


Abendlied                                                              Josef Rheinberger  (1839-1901)

                                                                                    Conductor: Erin Plisco  (USA)


The Nightingale                                                   Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky  (1840-1893)

                                                                            Conductor: Jennifer Vanderholm  (USA)


Lietuvos takeliai                                                   Jeronimas Kačinskas  (1907- 2005)

                                                                                  Conductor: John Erwin  (USA)


Pater Noster                                                          Fidel G. Calalang, Jr.  (b. 1963)

                                                                               Conductor: Patrick Casey  (Germany)


Io Son La Primavera                                            William Hawley  (b. 1950)

                                                                    Conductor: Marion Doherty Hayden (Ireland)


Christus  factus est                                                 Anton  Bruckner  (1824-1896)

                                                                                      Conductor: Iñigo Sampil  (Spain)


O My Luve is like a Red, Red Rose                        Leo Nestor  (b. 1948)

                                                                              Conductor: Simon Carrington  (France)

                                                                                Flauto: Alberto Terrosi (Italy)


The Battle of Jericho                                          Spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan  (1957-2003)

                                                                                    Conductor: Anais St. John  (USA)





Agnus Dei II (from Missa Brevis in F)          Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525 - 1594)

                                                                            Conductor: David Chin (USA)


Ascendit Deus                                                                     Jacob Handl (1550 - 1591)

                                                                     Conductor: Mary Doughty Mauch (Germany)  


Hear My Prayer, O Lord                                                                     Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695)

                                                                            Conductor: Joel Tranquilla (USA)


Una farfalla cupida e vagante                                                              Benedetto Pallavicino (1551 - 1601)

                                                                           Conductor: Suann Strickland (Germany)


Abendstandchen, Op. 42, #1                                                               Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1899)

                                                                            Conductor: Ann MacDonald (USA)


Auf dem See                                                  Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1847)

                                                                            Conductor: Paul Boehnke (USA)


Mariahymn                                                                   Fredrik Sixten (b. 1962)

                                                                            Conductor: Cheryll Chung (Canada)


Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain                                                                   Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)

                                                                            Conductor: Silvia Manzoni (Italy)


Zvanguciai                                                              Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907 - 1995)

                                                                            Conductor: Andrew Schmidt (USA)  


Les temps qui passe                                                               Giuseppe Mignemi (b. 1966)

                                                                            Conductor: Christopher Watson (UK)


Ave Maria                                                                     Anton Bruckner (1824 - 1896)

                                                                            Conductor: Simon Carrington (France)


My Lord, What a Mornin'                             Spiritual, Arr. Harry T. Burleigh (1866 - 1949)

                                                                            Conductor: Hortensia Bryce (USA)


Quick! We have but a second                                                                  Charles Villiers Stanford (1852 - 1924)

                                                                            Conductor: Eddie Adams (USA)



Repertoire 2012



Due rose fresche                                                   Luca Marenzio  (1556 – 1599)

                                                                                                Cameron LaBarr (USA)


Lasciatemi morire                                                Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643)

                                                                                                Liz Powell (Irlanda)


Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt                           Heinrich Schütz (1585 – 1672)

                                                                                                 Ben Filippone (USA)


Ave verum corpus                                                 William Byrd (1540 – 1623)

                                                                                                 Matthew Guard (USA)


Richte mich, Gott                                                  Felix Mendelssohn (1809 – 1847)

                                                                                                 Kathleen Allan (USA)


Justorum animae                                                  Charles Villiers Stanford (1852 – 1924)

                                                                                                Kevin Padworski (USA)


Nicolette                                                                 Maurice Ravel (1875 – 1937)

                                                                                                Christian Jeub (Germania)


Nachtlied                                                                Max Reger (1873 – 1916)

                                                                                                Sarah Mills Menogue (Austrailia)


Jau saulutė leidžias                                              Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907 – 1995)

                                                                                                Sara Hjort (Svezia)


Osanna in excelsis                                                Fredrik Sixten (b. 1962)

                                                                                                 Dawn Sonntag (USA)


Reluctance                                                             Stephen Prosser (b. 1952)

                                                                                                 Scott Walters (USA)


The Unknown Woman                                        Yuri Falik (1936 – 2009)

                                                                                                 Matthew Otto (Canada)


Alleluia                                                                    Randall Thompson (1899 – 1984)

                                                                                                Cathy Parrill (USA)


The Barber of Seville Overture                         Gioacchino Rossini (1792 – 1868)

              (Runswick, arr.)                                     Simon Carrington (Francia)              




 Come, gentle swains                           Michael Cavendish (1565 – 1628)

                                                                        Blake Clark (USA)

Amor, benché sia estrem’ ogni           Giovanni Battista Mosto (1550 - 1596)

                                                                        Danica Buckley (USA)

Ce ris plus doux                                  Anthoine de Bertrand (1535 – 1581)

                                                                        Jace Saplan (USA)

O vos omnes                                        Carlo Gesualdo (1561 – 1613)

                                                                        William George (USA)

Jauchzet dem Herrn                            Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809 – 1847)                                                                                                          Ali Allerton (USA)

The Shower                                         Edward Elgar (1857 – 1934)

                                                                        Benjamin Filippone (USA)

Beati quorum via                                Charles Villiers Stanford (1852 – 1924)                                                                                                           Jean Kim (USA)

Ronde                                                  Maurice Ravel (1875 – 1937)

                                                                        Lucik Aprahamian (USA)

Skylark                                                            Victor Kalinnikov (1870 – 1927)

                                                                        Christopher Tow (USA)


Angele Dei                                          Christopher Hoh (b. 1959)

                                                                        Rubén Barrientos Calderón (Messico)

Kyrie                                                   Kentaro Sato (b. 1981)

                                                                        Lauren Fowler-Calisto (USA)

Dieu! qu’il la fait bon regarder          Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918)                        

                                                                        Simon Carrington (Francia)

Africa                                                  Paich/Porcaro (arr. Lawson)

                                                                        Julie Neish (USA)



Vi adoro                                                          Manolo da Rold (b. 1976)

                                                                                    Kevin Crouch, USA


Dans le serain de sa jumelle flamme              Anthoine de Bertrand (1535 – 1581)

                                                                                    Jan Wilke, UK


Grazie ch’a pochi il ciel                                 Giaches de Wert (1535 – 1596)

                                                                                    Sara Dodig, Croazia


Sei, lieber Tag, willkommen                           Johann Michael Bach (1648 - 1694)

                                                                                    Justin Hodges, USA


Denn Er hat seinen Engeln befohlen              Felix Mendelssohn (1809 – 1847)

                                                                                    Michael Bunting, USA


I love my love                                                  Gustav Holst (1874 - 1934)

                                                                                    Yui Katada, Finlandia/Giappone


Angele Dei                                                      Susan LaBarr (b. 1981)

                                                                                    Daniel Hall, USA


Beržas / O tai buvo                                         Jeronimas Kačinskas (1907 – 2005)

                                                                                    Jurica Petar Petrač, Croazia


Gloria                                                             Kentaro Sato (b. 1981)

                                                                                    Wei Cheng, USA


O Salutaris Hostia                                          Eriks Ešenvalds (b. 1977)

                                                                                    Visa Yrjölä, Finlandia

                                                                              Soli: Briana Manalo, Phoebe Rosquist


Ave Maris Stella                                             Edvard Grieg (1843 – 1907))

                                                                                    Sasho Tatarchevski, Macedonia


Prelude                                                           Ola Gjeilo (b. 1978)

                                                                                    Simon Carrington, Francia


Ain’t got time to die                                        Hall Johnson (1888 - 1970), arr.

                                                                                    Maria Abeshouse, USA

                                                                                    Solo: Anaïs St. John




First Session

Musica Sacra


 Caritas abundat                                              Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)


In Manus Tuas                                                John Sheppard (1515-1558)

                                                                                    Terry Alvord, USA


Unser Wandel ist im Himmel                          Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672)

                                                                                    Stelios Chatzikitoris, Germania


Ave Virgo gloriosa                                          Richard Dering (1580-1630)

                                                                                    Jim Millar, USA


Ave, Virgo sanctissima                                   Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599)

                                                                                    Jurica Petar Petrač, Croazia


Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi                           Josquin des Prez (1450-1521)

                                                                                    Gabrielle Gaudreault, Canada


Ave Verum                                                      Philip Stopford (b. 1977)

                                                                                    Matthew Guard, USA


Wenn ein starker Gewappneter                      Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

                                                                                    Chuck Woodward, USA


O Vos Omnes                                                  Pablo Casals (1876-1973)

                                                                                    Maria Abeshouse, USA


Ave Maria                                                       Daniel Elder (b. 1986)

                                                                                    Visa Yrjölä, Finland


Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist                   Johann Walter (1496-1570)

                                                                                    Jack Apperley, UK


O lux beata Trinitas                                        Ko Matsushita (b. 1962)

                                                                                    Sasho Tatarchevski, Macedonia


Ave, dulcissima Maria                                    Carlo Gesualdo (1561-1613)

                                                                                    Lauren Fowler-Calisto, USA


Howl Ye                                                          Randall Thompson (1899-1984)

                                                                                    Simon Carrington, Francia


Iesu dulcis memoria                                        Anon. (Sec. XI)



Second Session

Mixed Repertoire


Baci soavi e cari                                                         Paolo Masnelli (1578-1613)

                                                                                                Mike Bunting, USA


Agneau de Dieu                                                          Rupert Lang (b. 1948)

                                                                                                John Guzik, Canada


(Quartetto: Gabrielle Gaudreault, MaryAnn Lasorsa,

Westin Sorrel, Ciprian Țuțu)



Hence stars, too dim of light                                      Michael East (1580-1618)

                                                                                                Jenna Havelin, USA


Light of my Soul                                                          Robert Pearsall (1795-1856)

                                                                                                Merrin Guice, USA


Die mit Tränen saën                                                   Johann Schein (1586-1630)

                                                                                                Caron Daley, Canada


Northern Lights                                                          Ola Gjeilo (b. 1978)

                                                                                                Heather Fetrow, USA


Kung Liljekonvalje                                                      David Wikander (1884-1955)

                                                                                                Ciprian Țuțu, Romania


Bogoroditse Devo                                                       Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943)

                                                                                                Westin Sorrel, USA


Das Mädchen                                                              Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

                                                                                                Lorissa Mason, USA


                           (Solo: Clare Lawrence-Wills)


Forward (Mae-e)                                                        Kentaro Sato (b. 1981)

                                                                                                Ruaidhrí Ó Dálaigh, Irlanda

              (To the Victims of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.)


Serenade                                                                     Edward Elgar (1857-1934)

                                                                                                Christian Jeub, Germania


Ecco mormorar l’onde                                               Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

                                                                                                Jack Apperley, UK


Virga Jesse                                                                  Anton Bruckner (1824-1896)

                                                                                                Simon Carrington, Francia




Programma -- Musica Sacra



O Frondens Virga                                           Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)



Libera Nos                                                      John Sheppard (1515-1559)

                                                                                    Lauren Adja Park, USA


Hosanna to the Son of David                          Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)

                                                                                    Alena Pyne, Irlanda


Ave Maria                                                       Kevin Memley (b. 1971)

                                                                                    Jan Wilke, Germania


Tribus  Miraculis                                             Luca Marenzio  (1556-1599)

                                                                              A. Begley, USA                                                                                       

O Sapientia                                                     Robert Ramsey (1590-1644)

                                                                                    Suann Strickland, Germania  


Sanctus/Osanna                                              Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)

                                                                                    Alexander Blake, USA


Surge Illuminare                                             Giovanni Palestrina (1525-1594) 

                                                                                    Sanders Lau, Hong Kong


Zuversicht (Opus 141 #3)                               Robert Schumann (1810 -1856)    

                                                                                    Jason Iannuzzi, USA


Exsultate Deo                                                  Alessandro Scarlatti (1685-1757)

                                                                                    Sarah Leung, Canada


Lux aeterna                                                     Ivo Antognini (b. 1963)

                                                                                    Mimi Law, Hong Kong


O Salutaris Hostia                                          Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)

                                                                                    Aquiles Morales, Mexico


O magnum mysterium                                     Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)

                                                                                    Jurica Petar Petrač, Croazia


Shir La-ma’alot                                              Salamone Rossi (1570-1630)

                                                                        (edited by: Joshua Jacobson)

                                                                                    Peter Fischer, USA


Zum Abendsegen                                             Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) 

                                                                                                Simon Carrington, Francia


Gaudeamus omnes                                          Marek Raczynski (b. 1982)

                                                                                    Kristofer Johnson,USA


Glory to God in the Highest                           Randall Thompson (1899-1984)

                                                                                    Brian O’Connell, USA


Altissima luce                                                  Il Laudario Cortonese, E.P. 1003


2017 Programma – Musica Sacra


O Virtus Sapientiae                                                 Hildegard von Bingen (XII sec.)


Ave Regina coelorum                                              Alfonso Lobo (1555-1617)                  

                                                                                                Lauren Adja Park, USA


Surgens Jesus                                                         Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594) 

                                                                                                Lynn Staininger, USA


Alleluia                                                                     Fredrik Sixten (b. 1962) 

                                                                                                Kirk Averitt, USA


Vidi aquam                                                               Filipe de Magalhães (1571-1652)                                                                                                                           Brian Mummert, USA


 Hodie                                                                       Joan Szymko (b. 1957)  

                                                                                                Aquiles Morales, Messico


Elohim hashivenu                                                    Salamone Rossi (1570-1630)                                                                                                                                    John Guzik, Canada


A Prayer to the Trinity                                            Geoffrey Burgon (1941-2010)  

                                                                                                Terry Alvord, USA


Agnus Dei (Mass in E flat major)                          Josef Rheinberger (1839-1901)    

                                                                                              Sara Hjort, Svezia


Ecce vicit Leo                                                           Peter Philips (1560-1628)                                                                                                                                              Jason Thoms, USA


Nunc Dimittis                                                           Gustav Holst (1874-1934)                                                                                                                                    Jaco Wong, Hong Kong/USA


Pater Noster                                                             Jacob Handl (Gallus) (1550-1591)                                                                                                                     Jenna Havelin, USA                                          

Õnnis on inimene                                                     Cyrillus Kreek (1889-1962) 

                                                                                                Riku Laurikka, Finlandia


Gloria (Missa Choralis)                                         Franz Liszt (1811-1886)                                

                                                                                                Kevin McDonald, USA


Pater Noster                                                             Alejandro Consolacion II (b. 1980)    

                                                                                                Adam Begley, USA


Coelos ascendit hodie                                             Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)                                                                                                                  Simon Carrington, Francia      


 Stella Splendens                                                      Llibre Vermell de Monserrat (XIV sec.)