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Bronislawa Falinska

Bronislawa Falinska, Born in England of Polish parents, she is a singer, performer, author and sound therapist working with the human voice. As a child, she studied piano and singing  with her father, Bronislaw Falinski and from the age of 8 to the age of 12, she toured in England as a soloist, singing to the postwar Polish communities of emigr√©s, refugees and survivors of the trauma of WWII: concerts which helped to keep alive a cultural identity in those Iron Curtain years . This  greatly influenced her later work and research and led to what has been a life-long fascination with the healing potential of the human voice.

   She graduated from the University of London with a B.A (hons.) in Polish language and Literature and English (Old English, Medieval and Renaissance Studies) and settled in Italy. She later received her Diploma in Functional Voice Training, working with Gisela Rohmert at the Lichtenberg Institute for Vocal and Instrumental Performance in Germany, and Venice, and went on to specialize in Medieval and Renaissance music.

    She is co-founder of  de Labyrintho, a group well-known for its concerts and recordings of the music of Josquin Desprez and in 2015, together with the soprano Nadia Caristi, founded the medieval music ensemble Amethysta, whose programmes explore especially the music of Hildegard von Bingen. An integral part of each Amethysta concert is a preliminary toning together with the audience, which sets the scene and creates a deep connection between listener and performer and the place itself, going beyond customarily fixed hierarchical paradigms of  singing sacred music in public.

    For many years Bronislawa was a lecturer in English Language in the Psychology Faculty at the University of Padua, holding seminars in Language in Therapy, exploring the importance of listening and hearing in the clinical situation.
As a sound therapist,  for over 20 years she has offered courses and workshops, both in Italy and internationally, on Self-Music, Self-Healing (Canto evolutivo), her powerful transformational approach for accessing the extraordinary potential of the voice.  As a singer, she continues to be fascinated by the experimental element in creating sound together at the performance level.

   She lives and works in the Euganean Hills, near Padua.

"Working on unity of body, mind and spirit, developing true hearing and awareness of the organizing power of one's own sound, as the throat center starts to unblock and channel new energy, knowledge is born and old, no-longer-adequate patterns are acknowledged and, hopefully, released, bringing about deep transformations. This is, indeed, the most powerful music therapy that there is."

    (Bronislawa Falinska, Sharing the Magic: Language in Therapy, ed. CLEUP, 2004)