Additional opportunities to participate in at SCCCW:


14 and 26 July:  

Simon Carrington: A Personal Approach to Choral Score Preparation

An intensive one full day session studying the scores of the workshop repertoire.

"In this program, I will demonstrate and discuss my own score preparation methods which follow no rules but which examine ways to sharpen aural skills, hear the essence of the music with the inner ear and tease out ways to bring the composer’s rhetoric to life. While I am concerned to develop a choir’s beauty of tone and purity of intonation, I will spend an equal amount of time refining ideas on how to ensure that the singing touches the hearts of the listeners."

(Limited to no more than 25 participants)


13 and 26 July:  

Bronislawa Falinska: Canto Evolutivo: Sounding the Inner Landscape

An in-depth intensive 1-day (7-hour) workshop for singers, teachers and anyone wishing to explore deeper aspects of making sound and music.

"The work we shall do together is the result of my years of training in the Functional Singing Method (Lichtenberg Institute, Germany) and above all, of being a singer and teacher calling what I have been doing for the last 20 years “Self-Music, Self-Healing “ which is based not only on the precepts of the Functional Method (exploring and expanding the voice via the senses rather than through manipulation of muscle, in order to create a free, rich sound) but also the Alexander Method, yoga and Cranio-sacral work, addressing above all, the self-regulatory process of the body and its power to align and heal through vibration and harmony, changing thought patterns through the power of toning and chant.

The workshop will comprise group sessions, matwork and guided explorations with sound, an individual session for each participant and experience of group toning in a numinous Renaissance church in Sarteano. (We will be spending some time on the floor, so bring comfortable clothes and socks).

Themes addressed will include:

  • The physiology of sound

  • Differentiation of spaces and structures in
    the vocal tract

  • Diaphragms and Chakra points

  • Deep listening

  • The Pleasure Principle in music-making

  • Mindfulness in Music

The workshop will be in English."