Sarteano Chamber Choral Conducting Workshop
A Collaborative Experience

15 - 23 July 2020: Mixed Repertoire Session

27 July - 4 August 2020: Musica Sacra Session

13 and 26 July - Bronislawa Falinska leads the Mini-Intensives:
Canto Evolutivo - A Transformational Approach

14 and 26 July - Simon Carrington leads the Mini-Intensives:
A Personal Approach to Choral Score Preparation;
Examining the Essentials and the Extras

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This intensive conducting workshop is geared for music educators and choral conductors with strong vocal ability who are interested in rehearsing and performing chamber choral music.

The morning session will consist of vocal pedagogy with Bronislawa Falinska, using the Rohmert Method of Functional Voicetraining, and clinics on developing a vital chamber choir/and effective rehearsal techniques, with Brian O'Connell.

The afternoon session will be a conducting master class with Simon Carrington. You will be part of a 28 to 34 member ensemble that will prepare and perform a cappella choral music from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century.

Our faculty is looking forward to their sixteenth consecutive year of collaboration!

We heartily welcome qualified singers who are interested in attending in a non-conducting capacity; who enjoy singing in a chamber group environment and/or who are very specifically looking to learn rehearsal and conducting techniques.

Twelve (12) applicants will be granted Full Conductor status; to apply for this position you must submit a sample of your work, either on a DVD, or by electronic link. This sample may be of a rehearsal (preferred) and/or a concert, and should show the conductor as the focal point. Each Full Conductor will be assigned a piece for their podium time in the master class; they will also conduct this piece in the final concert.

You may also choose to participate as either a Conducting Auditor or Singer. Included in the price of participating as a Conducting Auditor will be a videoed private half-hour conducting session with Simon. Conducting Auditors will also have the opportunity to conduct the ensemble during a morning session; you will be assigned a piece to prepare in advance. Private conducting sessions with Simon will also be available to Full Conductors for an additional fee. Please see Simon to arrange this after the Workshop has begun.

The master class uses the Workshop ensemble as its laboratory, so everyone receives the benefits of each Master Class.

As a music educator or conductor seeking the experience of working and learning in a small group, you will have the opportunity to establish and develop meaningful and enduring artistic connections.

The group will meet most days from 9:30-1:00; and again from 2:30-6:50 and work on a wide range of topics, including: choosing quality repertoire, building group tone, conducting, kinesthetics as applied to choral performance, ensemble techniques, textual considerations and musical performance problem solving.  Creating a cohesive and musical ensemble in such a short time period is essential to the workshop, and we will focus on techniques to help facilitate this, as well as addressing the issue of when it is appropriate to have a smaller ensemble, lead itself.

In a wonderful addition, we are also pleased to offer a Q&A/dialogue session with Simon as one of our morning sessions. Workshop sessions will be held in the Società Filarmonica, and we will close with a performance in one of Sarteano's beautiful churches.

Bronislawa Falinska, our specialist in vocal pedagogy, will join us over the nine days to conduct sessions using the Rohmert Method of Functional Voicetraining. This approach guides the singer towards an awareness of the voice not usually addressed by most conventional singing methods. Get ready for a sensorial exploration of the voice, and to explore how self-perception works in the combination of “hearing-feeling-seeing.” Broni will also be offering private lessons for an additional fee. You may make arrangements with her after the Workshop has begun.

PLEASE: Participants must arrive at the workshop with the repertoire fully prepared. We do not want to spend valuable rehearsal time learning the notes!

All master class sessions and private conducting classes with Simon will be filmed.

Participants are responsible for their own accommodations and transportation to and from the workshop.  As Sarteano is a small town with just a few hotels within walking distance of the workshop, we very highly recommend that you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible if you wish to stay there and walk to the workshop.  July is high season, and as there are almost nightly festivals around this time, it is a popular and exciting place to visit.

As Sarteano is such a beautiful town to explore, you may want to add on a few days at either the beginning or end of your stay; to be able to fully appreciate Sarteano and the surrounding countryside. If you are planning to have a car during your stay you will have many more wonderful options of both hotels and lovely agriturismo to choose from on the outskirts of Sarteano or in nearby Chiusi or Chianciano Terme. There is ample parking near the main piazza in Sarteano, but be prepared to get plenty of uphill exercise as the town and our workshop space is situated (as are many Tuscan villages) on a hill.