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Bronislawa Falinska

Bronislawa Falinska, contralto, born in England of Polish parents, studied piano and singing as a child with her father Bronislaw Falinski. She graduated from London University with a BA (Hons) in Polish and English Literature (Medieval and Renaissance Studies). She received her diploma in Functional Voicetraining, working with Gisela Rohmert at the Lichtenberg Institute for Vocal and Instrumental Performance, in Germany, and specializes in Medieval and Renaissance music.

She is co-founder of de Labyrintho an association specializing in Renaissance studies, particularly in the music of Josquin Desprez and sings in their vocal ensemble (Director: Walter Testolin). They have recently recorded the Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae ( Josquin: de Labyrintho, ed. Stradivarius). As a soloist she gives concerts entitled Melancholiae (medieval to modern), accompanied by two lutes or lute and percussion.

Vocal teacher at the Center for Vocal Research (CRV) in Venice, at the Padua Music Conservatory and at the Chandra Yoga Association. Bronislawa has sung and recorded with, among others, the CMA (Centro Musica Antica) in Padua, Nova Cantica, Dramsam and the Capella Ducale Venezia in Venice.

She is a lecturer in English Language on the Psychology faculty of the University of Padua, and holds seminars on Language in Therapy. She offers courses and workshops in Self-Music, Self-Healing a powerful method for developing the true potential of one's own voice. Bronislawa also holds courses for women in pregnancy and menopause entitled The Golden Age.

Bronislawa lives in Italy, in the Euganean Hills, near Padua.

"Working on unity of body, mind and spirit, developing true hearing and awareness of the organizing power of one's own sound, as the throat center starts to unblock and channel new energy, knowledge is born and old, no-longer-adequate patterns are acknowledged and, hopefully, released, bringing about deep transformations. This is, indeed, the most powerful music therapy that there is."